Excellent website development option with its balance of customization and cost-effectiveness!

Customized Website Development

No need to spend more for a high quality, customized website developed to fully meet the unique needs of your online presence!

Those who go with completely custom website designs can easily see the costs soar into the tens of thousands of dollars up front, and even then have higher maintenance rates due to the customized elements! To better serve small businesses and start-ups we save you thousands by customizing professionally developed licensed designs, completely adapting them to your business needs – including logo placement, color scheme, navigation structure, and footer/side-bar components.

We then further customize the function of the site based on necessary features – contact forms, newsletters, maps, directories, property lists, shopping carts, etc. The end result is a completely customized solution that has a faster turn-around time, costs much less, is professionally designed, has the specific functionality you need for your business, and is beautiful in style and function taking on or creating your business identity.

Feature-Rich, Customized, & Cost Effective!

Is this service right for me?

Our web development services are best for small business and start-ups who are looking for a customized, industry-specific outcome with a variety of individualized features and functions. Our approach is also excellent for those seeking complex navigation and page structures.

How does the process work?

We begin with a consultation (in person or virtual) to gain as much insight as we can about your specific needs.

Based on the provided information we then plan your project, which includes developing the infrastructure of your site – navigation, content hierarchy, etc. We also factor in how other technologies will fit into your website – like contact forms, newsletters, shopping carts, maps/directions, etc. From there we select some design options for you to choose from, and then work to incorporate the requested features and your provided content into your new website design.

After the site is developed, tested, and approved, we will publish your website for all to see!

How much does website development cost?

Because needs vary considerably it is best to setup a consultation so we can explore the specifics of your situation and provide a more accurate idea of your project costs. Still, we know it is important to have a general idea of the fees involved, so below are some baseline price points of what to expect:

Customized website development is highly variable but there are some common starting points in our quote.  Informational websites begin at $1500; Interactive websites at $2500; and Transactional websites at $3500.  Further web development needs can increase your quote depending on what you’d like your site to do.  In many cases our base starting point is sufficient, and we can cater to the needs of specific industries – for example, we can incorporate a property listings database into a property manager’s website, or develop a realtors website tied seamlessly into the MLS. Let us know what you are wanting to do – we’ll provide you with a custom quote and can move forward from there!

Who owns the finished website?

The website we develop for you is yours – you own it!