What kind of features can my site include?

Moving beyond content, color, navigation, images, and overall structure of the site, there are many different features we can add to your site to ensure it has all the functionality and presentation you desire. This list is not exhaustive, but gives an idea of different elements you can build into your site.


Ecommerce Options
Various functionalities and a plethora of features that can be incorporated into your online storefront.


Real Estate Functions
Seamlessly integrate the MLS or an independent property management system.


Contact Forms
Straightforward form to email and database options, support ticket systems, live chat, etc.


Social Networking Elements
Social sharing buttons, social feed integrations, YouTube embedding, etc.


Media / Galleries
Video and photo albums, lightboxes, sliders, audio players, slideshows, etc.


Advertising / Marketing
Banner ads, newsletters / email-opt-in, affiliate marketing, landing pages, popup banners, etc.


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