What is HQ Webmail and how much do these services cost?

HQ Webmail is a robust cloud-based business email solution that includes spam and virus protection. We don’t hold any punches with this powerful service! We provide online web-based access through your browser, POP3, and IMAP access for every account. IMAP is what allows your email to work synchronously with mobile and smart devices – for example, if you delete an email from your phone’s email app, it will also be deleted in your browser’s webmail. We also provide a calendar program and online file storage as part of this suite!


Our email is served through independent secure data centers that are separate from our hosting offerings – this improves speed, security, and reliability for all associated services.


A single 5 GB mailbox is included as a part of every core service plan, and add-on accounts are available so your email solution can scale with your business needs.


5 GB – $3/mth
10 GB – $4/mth
15 GB – $5/mth
20 GB – $6/mth
30 GB – $8/mth
50 GB – $12/mth
100 GB – $22/mth


Email Forwards

An email forward is a great tool when you need additional email addresses but not for it to have its own dedicated mailbox. This helps direct email to the right place from a variety of sources (website, business cards, marketing outreach efforts). For example, [email protected] can direct to [email protected] while [email protected] forwards to a colleague. These can be added to your account for $.50 each per month.