What features are considered “standard”?

Customized website development is highly variable but as explained elsewhere, there are some common starting points in our quote. Informational websites begin at $1500; Interactive websites at $2500; and Transactional websites at $3500. Though additional or more complex funtions can increase your quote, in many cases our base starting point is sufficient because these packages are intended to meet the needs of most clients in that development tier.


Your website will be completely developed to your specifications as it fits with the design – this may include certain navigation structures, sidebars, footer content, and image inclusions. If selected we include a contact form and google maps location integration. If you have an existing logo we will integrate that into your website’s header, otherwise we generally use the company business name in a font of your choice.


With so much variability though, it is difficult to specify a concrete answer here – but know that we take an equity approach in our quotes. This means that what is included in the base price of your site could actually be slightly different than what is included in the base price of another, yet both sites in that situation are priced fairly with each having the emphasis of the dedicated work and time on different elements. That is what we mean by an equity approach – a certain set of features is not “one size fits all”, our experience helps us adapt to your needs, often without having to increase prices.


Let us know what you are wanting to do – we’ll provide you with a custom quote and can move forward from there!


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