What does the process of website development look like?

We have several steps in place to get your new site up and running as cost-effective and as efficiently as possible! The entire process can be kicked off from this page…


Step 1 – Information Gathering
There are many things to take into consideration when we start your website project. It is very important to us that we take the time to listen and understand what your goals and vision are for your online presence.


In our first meeting we will discuss numerous elements of your project – purpose, target audience, goals, design preferences, and content. In many cases we can provide a development quote by the end of the meeting, but some elements may require a delay. It is also likely that we will setup the core services for your website at this time. Read about the core services here.


Step 2 – Project Planning
Based on our initial information session, we will put together a plan for your website. This is done through the creation of a site map outlining the hierarchy of your content, which helps us organize the information in a logical manner for your visitors and serves as the basis of the navigation system.


We also spend this time determining what specific technologies are required to meet the previously established goals. This includes contact forms, newsletters, shopping carts, invoice systems, order forms, maps/directions, etc.


Step 3 – Website Design
Here we will provide you with several different design options to choose from. The designs offered will include the ability to incorporate the previously determined features, and we will work with you to ensure the outcome is as you expect.

During this time we ask that you begin to provide all page content so we have it available when it comes time to develop content pages.


Step 4 – Website Development
At this time the work on your actual website begins! We’ll start with the homepage and setup the main navigation and each subpage – this provides the infrastructure to which we will add the content later. Next is the installation and integration of any necessary technologies, like contact forms, newsletter setup, shopping cart, property management system, etc.


You will be able to monitor the progress of your site at any time – we welcome the oversight and feedback throughout this time as it helps ensure the outcome is exactly what you want!


Step 5 – Testing & Delivery
When the site details are finalized, we begin the process of formally testing each component and function of your website. We regularly assess our work throughout the project, but it is during this time we do a final review to ensure menu items and all other interactive elements work as expected, and that there are no compatibility issues with different technologies.

With your final approval, we will publish your website to the web for all to see – a very exciting time for all involved!


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