What are the differences in the SSL certificate upgrades?

There are a number of different types of SSL certificates, with the primary difference being the level of validation the certificate holder goes through, and how many domains and subdomains can be secured. Any of the certificates will display a padlock icon and https:// prefix in the browser’s URL address bar and offer the same level of encryption. The more extensive the validation, the longer it takes to issue the ticket – Domain Validated (DV) is usually instantaneous, Organization Validated (OV) takes a few days, and Extended Validated (EV) can take a week or more.


Our included SSL option is a Domain-Validated (DV) solution that encrypts all inbound and outbound transmissions, including private and sensitive data. For an additional annual fee, we also offer Organization-Validated (OV), Extended-Validated (EV), and alternative Domain-Validated (DV) SSL certificate options.