What are some considerations or recommendations when selecting a domain name?

It is very important to be mindful of how accurately your domain name will reflect your brand and business, and how memorable it is to your target audience. Here are some general recommendations:


Keep the spelling of your domain straightforward and easy to remember. Ideally it is easy to type correctly, for example if you opt to use slang (ur instead of your) or modify the spelling of something (kars instead of cars), it could be more difficult for your site to be found. Similarly, though you could have a domain name that is 63 characters long, the general consensus is the shorter the better.


Consider too how important key words are in search engine placement. Including keywords in your domain name that describe your business/services can help you place higher in the search engines, or at least be more marketable in the sense that the domain itself gives an idea of what you offer. Keywords could also be location-specific, like including “Houston” in your domain – but be careful of limiting your perceived market if you actually provide services to a larger geographical location.


Get creative! The need for catchy domain names is even more important today, when there are millions of registered domains. Run it by a friend or family member to make sure it makes sense and sounds appealing.


Choose which extension works best for your type of business or specific purpose – the .com domain is certainly the most popular, but it also has the least amount of availability. Over time many new top-level extensions have become available, like .info, .me, .photography, etc., and helps you get the best possible domain for your situation.


Consider NOT using numbers or hyphens (dash). Numbers can be confused with letters, like ‘0’ for ‘o’, or even whether or not it is spelled out, 7 versus seven. Hyphens can be misplaced or forgotten. If there is a pressing need for using numbers or hyphens, consider having us register multiple variations and have them all forward to your website. In fact, it is also generally suggested that to protect your brand, you should purchase various domain extensions, as well as misspelled versions of your domain name to help prevent competitors from registering other versions and ensures your customers are directed to your website, even if they mistype it.


Finally, though it is important to register your domain name ASAP to prevent someone from getting it before you (it happens!), it’s a good idea to research the name you are considering to make sure it isn’t trademarked or copyrighted. This will help avoid costly legal trouble in the future.