Is there really no extra charge for my domain name?

Yes – we bundle all core services in an easy to manage straightforward package. We handle the new registration (or existing transfer) to our services, and handle the domain name system (DNS) settings. As long as you are a current client of our managed services, we will continue to renew the registration year after year!


There are only two conditions where a client would pay for a domain name:


  1. 1 – The client wants additional domain names to point to the same website.

  3. 2 – The client selects certain domain extensions that are more costly to register.  This does not apply to most of our clients, because most select .com, .net, .org, or .info, and most do not intend to buy after-market, “premium” domains.


We are transparent with our pricing – you’ll know the cost of your service every step of the way!